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Friday 16 August

4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m

Main Beach Transition Area race check-in. Race package pick-up, maps and information etc

Step One (Check-In)

Immediately upon entering transition area, check-in is divided by last name A-L or M-Z.

  • At this check-in you will have to sign a waiver conformation form.
  • Also you will receive your security band. Please attach your security band at this time as you will need it on your wrist before you are issued a timing chip.

Athletes must go through this table before continuing on to the next step.

Step Two (Event Bag Pick-Up)

Divided by last name A-L or M-Z

  • At bag pick-up we will first verify your name, age, gender and race event.
  • You will receive your numbered swim cap, bib and timing chip. At this time please verify that the number on all three items are the same.
  • Only the swimmer on a relay team will receive a timing chip.
  • Lastly you will receive your event bag (Note: If there is higher than anticipated registration numbers, athletes who register late will not be guaranteed a full race bag.)
Step Three

Please review the RMTri race board for course maps that will be on display. Printable maps are found on the Course Description page.

You will also find on this race board:

  • Swim Wave schedule
  • Current water temperature
  • Kids of Steel volunteer sign-up sheet


Step Four

Review Transition Zone set up in preparation for next days race. Also on hand in Transition from 4:30 to 8 will be RMTri Ambassadors. These are racers familiar with the course that will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Important Notes:

Each Athlete must personally check in. This includes all members of relay teams. The timing chip for relay teams will be given to the swimmer. Bib numbers, bags, caps etc will not be given to a third party.

Athletes under 18 must have their parent of guardian co-sign the waiver.

Saturday morning, access to the Transition zone is limited to Athletes and Volunteers only. Only those with an event wrist band will be allowed to enter. Please note that this will be strictly enforced.

If you have already checked in on Friday, on entering Transition Zone Saturday morning please rack your bike and go immediately to Body Marking.

RMTri sends out newsletters leading up to the race weekend. Please watch for these important e-mails as they contain up-to-the minute race information.

Changes to previous registrations can be made at this time.

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m

Race Bag Pickup

Please note that Registration closes on Thursday, August 15, 2019 at 23:59 CDT. Walk-up registration will be accepted for 2019 on FRIDAY from 4-8 PM in cash at $175 (every event). Due to high race numbers, this check-in is strongly encouraged to facilitate a smooth race day start. During this time there will be race representatives present to answer any questions regarding the course or the race in general.

Saturday 17 August

6:15 a.m

Transition Area Opens. Final Race Check-in.

7:15 a.m

Athlete Race Announcements mandatory for all participants

7:45 a.m

Super Sprint athletes called to Staging Area

7:55 a.m

Super Sprint Triathletes moved from staging area to race start

8:00 a.m

Body Marking Ends

Transiton Closes
Super Sprint Starts

8:05 a.m

Olympic Triathlon athletes (including Olympic relay swimmers) called to Staging Area

8:25 a.m

Olympic Triathletes moved from staging area to race start

8:30 a.m

Olympic Triathlon starts

8:30 a.m -8:45 a.m

Transiton is open for last munite adjustments for Sprint athletes

8:45 a.m

Olympic Triathlon athletes (including Olympic relay swimmers) called to Staging Area

8:50 a.m

Sprint Triathlon athletes called to staging area
Sprint Duathlon athletes called to staging area at Road*

9:10 a.m

Sprint Triathlon athletes moved from staging area to race start
Sprint Duathlon athletes moved from staging area to race start

9:15 a.m

*(Sprint Wave will be split into 2 if numbers exceed 200 athletes)

Sprint Triathlon Wave 1* (Sprint Male & Relay Swimmers) starts
Sprint Duathlon starts

9:45 a.m

Sprint Triathlon Wave 2* (Sprint Female) starts

9:35 a.m

Sprint Triathlon athletes moved from staging area to race start

Sprint Duathlon athletes called to start

9:45 a.m

Sprint Triathlon Wave 1 (Sprint Male & Relay Swimmers) starts

Sprint Duathlon starts

3:00 p.m

Awards and Prizes at Park Theatre

5:00 p.m – 7:00 p.m

Sporty’s Triathlon After Party

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the race sanctioned by a Triathlon organization?
Yes. RMTri is sanctioned by Triathlon Manitoba. It follows all their guidelines. Therefore, every participant needs to be a member of a Provincial Triathlon Association, or buy a one day membership for the race.
Do you allow race day registration?
Yes, There is walk up Registration on FRIDAY before the race please bring $175 Cash to enter your preferred event 2019.
I registered for one event but would like to change to another, can I do this?
Yes, you can do this by contacting Nathan Fleck 1-204-638-3730 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Can I transfer my entry to another person or to next year?

No, you cannot transfer your registration.

How is the RMTri race timed?

For 2019 RMTri will be timed by Results Canada, using a Crono Track timing system. You will be given a neoprene logoed timing band with attached timing chip during check in. You must bring it with you race morning. Please return Chip after race. 

Otherwise you will be charged $10.00 for a replacement band/chip. Traditionally the chip is worn on the left ankle. This prevents it from getting tangled in the bike’s gears and/or chain.

Are there cut off times in the race?

RMTri does have specific cutoff times for the events. The Cut off times are very reasonable for all athletes will be able to complete each stage of the race before they are enforced. We do reserve the right to pull an athlete off the course if at any time we feel the course has become unsafe or that we cannot safely support them. RMTri will make every effort to support our athletes to successfully complete the race.

When will I be able to see my splits and final results?

Complete splits and final results will be available at the park on race day, within minutes of finishing your results of hours of the last finisher. They will be posted on Results Canada’s website as well as this website and Triathlon Manitoba by Monday afternoon following the race.

Do you offer relays?

Yes, RMTri offers both two and three person relays in the Triathlon events. There is no relay event in the Duathlon. Make sure you check the correct ”Triathlon relay” box at signup.

What is the water temperature for the swim?

The most asked question! As Clear Lake is a spring fed lake the temperature can vary from year to year. Over the last ten years the water temperature has averaged 19C. Wetsuits are recommended.

If I get tired and in trouble in the swim can I hang onto a buoy or kayak?

Yes, as long as you do not make any forward progress. If you do move forward you will be disqualified.

Do I need my security band to get into the transition zone race morning?

Yes, if you do not have your band you will have to go back and get it before you are allowed into transition. (In race kits)

How can I get my registration package?

Registration packages are given out at the Friday Check-in between 4:00 and 8pm. Each athlete must be present to pick up there own package. All members of a relay team must pick up their own package. Due to varying registration numbers, a complete registration package is not guaranteed for every racer.

Are the results posted before the full race is finished?

Yes, preliminary results are posted before all athletes are in as time permits. They are posted on the information board by the kiosk in the transition area. It is important to know that these results are preliminary and not official. Once the official results are complied they will be posted and their official status duly noted.

Where can I, as well as my family and friends, park race morning?

The Park will not be allowing parking along Ta-Wa-Pit and Wasagaming Drive due to safety concerns. Please refer to the Parking Map, for a guide to the many free parking lots all within short walking distance to the Transition Zone.

If you having problems registering for the event please contact

Nathan Fleck
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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